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Training Manuals for Children?

How to Get 5-12 Year Olds to Behave and Do As They’re Told

As parents, we literally “fly by the seat of our pants”.

There are no training manuals that come along when our children are born.

“Darryl has provided parents and caregivers with practical information. He provides adults with structures on how children are behaving, and a strategy that will assist them to ensure that behaviour can be planned for, and responded to, in a manner which consistently reinforces and encourages positive development in children.

Parents seeking assistance will know that inconsistent expectations and ‘quick fixes’ don’t last, so Darryl outlines a strategy and ideas which are manageable over the many years of childhood.

The book is easy to read, and easily shared in its e-format. Summaries at the end of each chapter enable key points to be discussed and revisited.

Adults who want guidance will find the book can be applied to different parenting situations, and most importantly, will be assisted to feel more confident in making positive parenting decisions.”

Gloria Hinks, former principal, Adelaide East Primary School

It seems incredible that one of the most basic and important roles that sustain and underpin our whole community, that of being a parent, involves no real training or instruction at all. So, how do we do this parenting thing? Generally, we simply go by the guidelines and rules of our own parenting. But, who says that that was the best way to do it all?

Who says that our parents got it right, that that was the best way to raise kids?

Sure, our parents no doubt gave it their best shot, and were well-intentioned, but who says that there wasn’t another way to raise children? A different way, perhaps a better way? This book gives a tried and true way that has stood the test of time.

The sad fact is that we have had more training in how to drive a car, work a computer, use a piece of software or use a mobile phone than we have had in being a parent.

Generally speaking, we have unfortunately, also thrown out the baby with the bathwater. We have been told for example, that “thou shalt not smack”, but we have NOT been told what we can do instead.

“From a lay-person’s point of view, we think this book is excellent.

It goes straight to the core of the main issues of child rearing. It asks all the right questions and then proceeds to answer them in a complete and practical manner.

We love the way that Darryl is unequivocal in his solutions. He tells parents what is wrong not just what is right (so refreshing in these politically correct times). No euphemisms, no room for interpretation – just plain advice in plain language. Fantastic!

We found this to be the tone throughout the book and this is what we think sets it apart from other “how to” and “self-help” books.

Our only regret is that we didn’t read it when our children were younger. We may have been able to avoid some of the stressful times.”

Marina & Steve Whitham, parents of two teenagers

Have you also noticed how everyone seems to be an expert when it comes to child raising? It is difficult therefore, especially for new parents to work out what is good advice and what isn’t. Sometimes the “babble” gets overwhelming.